Burlington Aviation is FAA Approved for the Private and Commercial Pilot Licenses as well as the Instrument and Multi-engine ratings.   It is important to know that our flight school is FAA Approved by choice, not because it is required.

Unlike many operators that choose to operate their schools under Federal Air Regulations (FAR) Part 61, we have chosen to become an FAA Approved School, which under FAR Part 141 requires: an approved flight training syllabus for each course, instructor standardization, supervision and stage checks by the Chief or Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, and regular FAA inspections of school facilities, aircraft, simulators and training devices, as well as student training records, and instructor records.

To ensure the quality of training and to retain FAA Approval, our school must maintain at least an 80% first time pass rate for all graduates on FAA Flight Tests and a 90% pass rate for Examining Authority. Under FAR Part 141 the FAA grants Approved Pilot Schools many important concessions in course hours and requirements. For example, the FAA grants a 60-hour reduction in the basic Part 61 total time requirements for Part 141 schools commercial pilot training.

In our FAA Approved Ground School courses we use the state-of-the art Cessna Multi-media training system exclusively. The system is an integrated course of flight and ground instruction utilizing a training syllabus, video and CD ROM presentations, textbook and workbook, maneuvers manual, training syllabus, and one-on-one briefings and tutorials with your instructor.   This approach to ground training allows each student to progress at his or her own rate and facilitates the record keeping necessary for Part 141 schools.

Hour Differences Between Part 61 and Part 141 Flight Schools:

  PART 141 PART 61
Private (minimum training time) 35 hours 40 hours
Commecial (total required flight time) 190 hours 250 hours